West Berkshire Council

We need your pants!

Looked after Children Pants campaign pic for Loose Ends

Loose Ends, West Berkshire's homeless charity, is set to benefit from a whole load of new undies thanks to some of West Berkshire's younger residents.

The young people, from R:Vue* (West Berkshire's Children in Care Council) have been looking at how they could 'give to others' and chose the charity Loose Ends to support with their campaign.

The group are asking people to donate as many pairs of new pants as they can to the donation boxes that are placed in the reception areas of the council offices at Market Street and West Street. The boxes will be in these locations until 16 March 2018.

The young people, had been looking at 'five ways to wellbeing to improve mental health'. There were several suggestions including 'be active' and 'keep learning'. The young people were particularly keen on the section which suggested to 'give to others'. They thought about how they could do this and decided they wanted to help a charity. They chose Loose Ends and spoke to the charity to identify how best they could do this and what particular items they needed. Loose Ends said they were really short of men's underwear.

Councillor Hilary Cole, West Berkshire Council's Executive Member for Housing said; 'People become homeless for many reasons but when they do it's important they know that help is available to get them back on their feet. It is wonderful to see that these young people want to give something to their community. These young people have planned this all themselves and decorated the donations boxes. We really hope that people can support their efforts by making donations.'

*R:Vue, West Berkshire's Children in Care Council, is for children who are in care aged 12 to 18. They help to shape and influence the service that young people in care receive from West Berkshire Council. They make sure the voices of children in care are heard and represented at meetings, they do consultation work and get involved in campaigns.