West Berkshire Council

Be a Bookstar!

West Berkshire Libraries are celebrating their first ever Bookstar!

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Issued on: 19 December 2017

The Bookstar Challenge is for Primary School children. Readers get a series of bookmarks on which the collect stars for each library book they read. The first set of book marks goes from bronze, silver, and gold to platinum, at which point the children will have read 100 books.

They can then progress to the 'gem section' which starts at amethyst and goes through onyx, ruby, sapphire, amber, jade, and turquoise ending with diamond. After which they will have read 500 books!

Jonathan Kelly is the first young person in West Berkshire to finish the whole challenge. His goal was to finish before he started secondary school. It took him 4 years to read 500 library books (with breaks for the Summer Reading Challenges in between).

Jonathan said: "Reading is great - you learn things that you don't learn at school. I would say to anyone wondering about starting Bookstar, do it!  Do it!  Choose any book and start reading, you might find a new author that you like.  If you don't like it, just take it back to the library and try something else." 

Books Jonathan enjoyed over those four years include; Dinosaur Cove series: Helen Moss Adventure Island Series; David Walliams; Narnia series; Itch; Horrible Histories; Alex Rider; Asterix; Percy Jackson; The Odyssey and many more...

Dominic Boeck, West Berkshire's Executive Member for Culture and Libraries said: "This is an extraordinary achievement. Jonathan has shown a great commitment to reading and to the Bookstar Challenge. To read 500 books is impressive, I hope that he continues to enjoy and develop his reading experience."

The Bookstar Challenge continues after the Summer Reading Challenges finishes. Go to your local library to join up now.