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Strong performance from 2017's GCSE students

GCSE students perform well in 2017 tests.

STOCK IMAGE: Two girls celebrate GCSE result

GCSE students across West Berkshire have performed well again this year provisional results indicate.

Throughout the district 1,727 students took their exams this year with provisional results showing that 71.1% (or around 1,227 students) achieved passes in both the new, tougher GCSE English and Maths exams. This is a big increase since last year, when 65.4% achieved equivalent passes, and is well above the provisional national average which is believed to have fallen slightly.

The performance by this year's GCSE students is particularly impressive in the context of a new numerical grading system introduced for English, English Literature and Maths. Under the new system, which will be extended to other subjects over the next three years, grades are numbered 9 to 1, where 9-4 equates to A*-C . To pass students must score four or more (view a comparison of the old and new grades).

Cllr Lynne Doherty, Executive Member for Children and Young People commented: " I am delighted with this year's results, which have seen West Berkshire students do particularly well in what are now very challenging exams. Congratulations to both students and teachers for all their hard work - it really has paid off. I was particularly pleased to see eight of our ten secondary schools improve their performance and Maths passes increase by more than 5 percentage points."

GCSE results day 2017#Candidates% 4+ English & Maths
John O'Gaunt6359
Little Heath24970
Park House13875.4
St Bartholomew's24384.4
The Downs17580
The Willink16575
Theale Green13070
West Berkshire1,72771.1