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Inkpen Primary School continues to be 'Good'

Inkpen Primary School has retained it's 'Good' rating following an Ofsted inspection which found it provides a good quality of education and a caring atmosphere in which children learn.

2017 - Children from Inkpen Primary School celebrating their 'good' Ofsted report

Issued on: 18 July 2017.

The school had its latest inspection in June and retained the 'Good' rating given during the last visit by inspectors in October 2012. In the report Ofsted recognised that:

  • Teachers were deemed to know their pupils well and set appropriately challenging targets for each pupil.
  • Pupils were seen to be getting on well together, valuing their teachers and enjoying their lessons.
  • Older pupils also take their responsibility as role models seriously and are looked up to by younger children in the school.
  • Parents also spoke highly of the school and its staff saying that their children are happy, safe and making good progress.
  • Pupils also said they felt safe at school and knew that their teachers would look after them. Children with specific needs are also well supported.
  • The teaching of writing has improved with a good basic knowledge of phonics, punctuation and grammar being in place. Pupils are given regular feedback which they can use to improve their work. As a result, the standard of writing is now in line with national averages and often above them. 

Overall, Inkpen Primary School has high expectations for its pupils and many make more progress than is expected for their age. 

Governors and teaching staff at the school are committed to improving further and will be working to improve ensure that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is consistently high so that a greater proportion of pupils make more than expected progress in writing and mathematics.

Jane Kanisius, Headteacher of Inkpen Primary School said, "We are delighted to receive our latest 'good' rating from Ofsted. I am extremely proud of the school, its teachers and its pupils who have all worked extremely hard to maintain this rating. We will all continue to ensure that pupils receive a high level of education and that Inkpen Primary School is a happy place to be."

Councillor Lynne Doherty, West Berkshire Council's Executive Member for Education said, 'This is a fantastic achievement by people who care deeply for the school and its pupils. Everyone at the school has worked extremely hard to maintain and improve this standard and make this school a great learning space where pupils and staff can thrive and achieve."

You can read the full report online..