West Berkshire Council

Assessing our capabilities

Many services the council offers are supported by a set of basic capabilities. The ability to take a payment, the ability to record a request for service or information, the ability to store and retrieve specialist knowledge, and so on. When they're used to deliver an online service they're often referred to as "digital capabilities".

As part of our digital transformation work, the council's Digital Services Team will be asking all of our departments and the teams in them how they currently provide seven capabilities, and from this we'll build a picture of what we do now, and how we might approach these functions future. Our aim is, where possible, to provide one solution to support these basic functions across the organisation.

The seven capabilities

  • Record and process a request for service or information
  • Take a payment
  • Scan a document and display it electronically
  • Talk to a service user using online chat
  • Record and retrieve professional knowledge
  • Record and process praise, feedback and complaints
  • Send bulk correspondence

We're also already looking at booking a room, place at an event, a resource, or officer time, and administering and running a course.

There are many benefits to this approach. The economy of scale of providing the same IT system across many services and the ability to offer people more joined-up and consistent services. It gives the council the building blocks to transform existing and create new services much cheaper that we're able to currently.

By autumn we should have a broad picture of where we might better use digital capabilities across the organisation to deliver better, cheaper, more joined up services.