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Start date: 2017-05-02
End date: 2017-06-04
Results: 2017-08-31

[ARCHIVED] A339/Bear Lane/Kings Road Roundabout, Newbury: Improvement Scheme

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This consultation is now closed.

We are suggesting improvements to the A339/Bear Lane/Kings Road Roundabout next to Sainsbury's, as during the morning and evening rush hours it is near its capacity. We propose to:

  • make Bear Lane one-way eastbound between Wharf Road and the A339
  • create a new signal controlled junction from the A339 into Cheap Street to allow traffic travelling from the north and east to access the town centre
  • remove the central reserve on the A339 between Bear Lane junction and the new Cheap Street junction to provide a right turn lane
  • restrict parking on Cheap Street south to accommodate the additional flow of traffic
  • introduce a new pedestrian crossing on Cheap Street
  • introduce a new mini roundabout at the Market Street and Cheap Street junction 

The scheme is estimated at £1.4m and will be funded by contributions from the Newbury Racecourse development and central government grant.

We have considered many options before arriving at our preferred scheme, including the removal of the roundabout and construction of a conventional traffic signal controlled crossroads and the construction of a flyover the A339 junction.

What you told us

There were 63 responses to the consultation. Respondents were mainly concerned with the loss of on-street parking from Cheap Street.

What we did

Highways Officers provided four possible options in their report to the Council’s Executive Meeting on 27 July 2017 that they felt would address the consultees’ concerns. The report also summarised and responded to all the comments submitted as part of the consultation.

The Executive Committee decided that Option 3 would provide the most acceptable outcome, subject to traffic modelling and a more detailed air quality analysis being carried out.

Option 3 included:

• Making the changes to the A339/Bear Lane roundabout as originally proposed

• Building the new traffic light junction between the A339 and Cheap Street as originally proposed

• Making Cheap Street (south) a one way street but keeping most of the existing parking spaces

• Introducing traffic lights at the Cheap Street/Market Street junction

These measures will require new Traffic Regulation Orders, to give effect to the various traffic restrictions which form part of the project. Statutory consultations must therefore be held, with any objections received being reported back to the Executive Member for Highways and Transport for Individual Decision.

Who To Contact

For enquiries relating to the A339/Bear Lane/Kings Road Roundabout, Newbury improvement scheme

01635 519080