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Council provides new at a glance performance overview.

West Berkshire Council is improving transparency on its performance overview.

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Issued on: 4 April 2017

From the council's Executive Meeting on 30 March 2017, Council Performance reports will be accompanied by a one page Infographic, which will allow residents to quickly track and review how the council is performing. The Infographic sets out the Priorities for Improvement from the Council Strategy in an at a glance status format of Red, Amber or Green along with the progress of other initiatives such as finance and staffing.

Cllr James Fredrickson, West Berkshire's Executive Member for Corporate Services and External Affairs said, "We're always looking for ways to make sure our residents are informed about the work we're doing and the progress we're making.

"The Infographic is another way of ensuring that all this information is supplied in the clearest and easiest to access formats. It highlights at a glance, significant improvements across many council services from child safeguarding to regularity of bin collections at a time when services are under pressure across the board.  Going forwards, it will also allow residents to more easily track the progress the council is making."