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World Social Work Day - Live!

Follow our live blog as we celebrate World Social Work Day.

World Social Work Day 2017


We're finishing World Social Work Day with a stand at our Market Street offices to talk to district, town and parish councillors about social work. Thanks for following us on here - and don't forget to tell us what you think!


We'll be wrapping up our live blog soon but thank you for following us as we celebrated World Social Work Day. We'd love to know what you think - did you find it interesting? Could we do something differently? If you have any thoughts about this blog you can email us and let us know or get in touch with us on Twitter.


Here's the last of our Stand Up for Social Work montages for the day - so many reasons to value social workers!


Thank you notes from grateful clients and their families show their appreciation for our social workers.


Did you know that we are providing support to 968 children in need and their families? Or that 21 families are being supported with personal budget plans? Here are some facts and figures about our work with children and families:

  • We have responded to 4909 enquiries from professional and members of the public in relation to concerns about children.
  • Our social workers are supporting 968 children in need and their families.
  • We are providing targeted support to 218 children and their families.
  • We have approved 12 new foster carers in 2016/17.
  • We support 21 families with personal budget plans.


BREAKING NEWS: Council awarded £2m to help fund new safeguarding scheme.

We're pleased to announce that West Berkshire Council has been awarded funding towards a new safeguarding scheme. An £11m grant to the Government's Children's Social Care Innovation Programme was submitted by five local authorities to replicate a successful scheme from Hertfordshire. We've been awarded £2.1m towards implementing it in the district.

Lynne Doherty, West Berkshire's Executive Member for Children and Family Services at West Berkshire Council, said: "Throughout the Hertfordshire journey, West Berkshire has watched the developments with interest. Now at a crucial stage in our own improvement work, we are delighted that the DfE has chosen us to be a part of this important project to scale up the Hertfordshire model to four additional local authorities. This new model for child protection services accords well with West Berkshire's values and improved practice. We are pleased to be considered a credible partner for this expansion."  

You can find out more about how the money will be spent here: Council receives £2.1m for new safeguarding scheme


Social workers have been invited to an informal lunch in Newbury to say thank you for their work supporting local residents. It was also a chance for senior councillors - including Lynne Doherty, Rick Jones and Hilary Cole - to meet social workers and acknowledge their contribution. Safeguarding is a priority for West Berkshire Council and social work makes a big contribution towards safeguarding.

Here are some pics from the event:


Are you on Instagram? Our Children and Family Service has just launched a new Instagram page to share news and photos about the team. You can find them at childrenandfamilywbc - why not give them a follow?

Why I stand up for Social Work

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Did you know that West Berkshire Council spends around a third of its budget (or £38m) on adult social care? It's an important issue for our local residents and demand for the service is increasing. Next year we will be investing an additional £2.5m in adult social care which will be raised by a 3% precept on council tax bills. Here's a recent article on adult social care which explains more about what we do.


Here are some more of our social workers celebrating social work on World Social Work Day.


Are you interested in finding out more about social work at West Berkshire?  We've got some great pages which tell you all about what we do, why we do it and how you can join us!

Social Work - Why Choose West Berkshire?


At the heart of all social work is people - and it is making a difference to the lives of those people who most need help that makes social work so special. One of our social workers, Claire Minchin, has been talking about why she enjoys social work.


Our social workers have been asked why they stand up for social work. We'll be sharing their responses throughout the day - but here's what  some of them said.



Right, we're going to start by introducing you to a few people who are instrumental in helping shape social work here in West Berkshire. The first two are elected councillors who sit on the Executive Committee and are responsible for Adult Social Care and Children and Family Services.

The first is Councillor Rick Jones who is the Executive Member for Adult Social Care. You can find out more about him here or follow Rick on Facebook.

Councillor Lynne Doherty is the Executive Member for the Children and Family Service. Find more about Lynne here or you can follow Lynne on Twitter.

Rachael Wardell is the Communities Director and is responsible for all council services including adult social care, the children and family service, housing and education. You can follow Rachael on Twitter.


Good morning and welcome to our World Social Work Day live blog. We want to give you a glimpse into social work in West Berkshire so we'll be sharing news and views about the service throughout the day. You can join in the conversation by using #WSWD2017.