West Berkshire Council

Services so good people want to use them

We aimed to get more people to use our online services and information. How did we do?

In 2014, as part of our Choose Digital Project, we launched two new websites, one hosting over 100 online services, the other focusing on easy to understand information. The aim was to make our websites so good people used them over traditional channels.

To measure the success of the project we looked at website sessions, calls to our contact centre and direct calls to officers' phones.

Of course there are other methods of contact, face-to-face and email for example, but we have no consistent measure for them across the whole of the council.

Where we do measure them they're a tiny proportion of contact; for example less than 10% of requests for service to our Highways and Transport Service come via email.

What we found is a 15% shift from phone to online, and the latter is now our primary channel for contact with our customers, with a 60% vs 40% split between online and phone in the last quarter. 

We asked residents to choose digital and our analysis shows that more and more are doing so.