West Berkshire Council

Start date: 2017-03-08
End date: 2017-03-22
Results: 2017-03-29

Pedestrian Improvements on Northcroft Lane, Newbury

Due to concerns expressed by local residents, we have investigated ways in which pedestrian facilities can be improved on Northcroft Lane, Newbury.

Currently, many pedestrians walk on the road, rather than on the available footpath on the north side of the road, and can often come into conflict with vehicles. This appears to be because the existing footpath is particularly narrow, 1.2 metres, making it difficult for pushchair and wheelchair users to use safely, or for two people to comfortably walk side by side. We have also observed that many pedestrians are walking along the footpath on the south side of the road, but when this footpath ends, they carry on walking in the road, rather than crossing over to use the footpath on the north side.

There is not enough space for a new footpath to be built on the south side of the road, but it is possible to widen the existing footpath, west of the West Street junction, as shown on the pdf icon plan of proposed changes [313kb]. This would result in a section of the road being reduced down to a single lane with priority give ways markings, and the removal of two parking spaces. In addition, it is possible to install new dropped kerbs at the side roads to make it easier for pedestrians to use the footpath rather than the road.

If you would like to comment or respond to this proposal, please complete the doc icon response form [55kb], and return it to the Highways Projects Team, by Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

If you have any queries regarding the proposal, please contact the Highways Projects Team.

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