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Council extends deadline for decision on new Sandleford development

A decision on a new housing development in Sandleford, Newbury has been delayed.

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A decision on a new housing development in Sandleford, Newbury has been delayed to allow further discussions about the proposal to take place.

Planning applications, including one for up to 2,000 houses, in Sandleford have been submitted to West Berkshire Council and a decision was due to be made by Friday 10 February. Planning officers have been discussing the complex applications with the developers but do not have all the information required to make a decision. As a result, the deadline has been extended to allow further work to take place.

The extension to the timetable for making a decision was mutually agreed with the applicants and follows discussions with them over recent months. Although progress has been made it hasn't yet delivered an acceptable housing scheme which has everything the council would expect of a new development. Extending the deadline will enable further discussions to take place in an effort to secure a good scheme that delivers much needed housing but also integrates that with the existing community and the infrastructure that serves it.

Speaking about the plans Councillor Hilary Cole, West Berkshire Council's Executive Member for Planning said: "The site at Sandleford is important and could help us build some of the housing we need in our district. As it stands, the application which has been submitted is not acceptable and would be refused. We want to give the developers the time they need to submit a proper plan so that we can consider it on its merits. To do anything else would waste the effort already put in.

"This is not an unusual situation and often with developments of this scale and complexity more time is needed to work through the plans and get to a point where we can make an informed decision. I'm confident we will get there and we will decide whether this development can go ahead."

No definite target date for a decision will be set until progress on the most recent application for 1000 houses can be assessed.