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Start date: 2017-01-24
End date: 2017-11-13
Results: 2018-01-16

Electoral Review of West Berkshire Council

Have your say on our ward boundaries

This consultation is now closed.

The aim of the electoral review was to recommend changes to the ward boundaries so that each councillor would be representing approximately the same number of voters.

The The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) also aimed to ensure that the pattern of wards reflected the interests and identities of local communities, as well as promoting effective local government. In order to achieve these aims, ward boundaries across West Berkshire needed to be re-drawn.

The initial consultation ran from 24 January to 10 April 2017. In response to feedback, and an updated projection following the approval of the Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (HSADPD), a second round of consultation ran between 13 June and 10 July 2017.

The consultation on the LGBCEs draft recommendation, ran between 29 August and 13 November 2017 and the final recommendations were published on 16 January 2018.

New electoral arrangements for the West Berkshire are scheduled to come into effect at the local elections in May 2019.

What you told us

The LGBCE received nine submissions about the number of councillors in response to their consultation on ward patterns, some of which were in support of the proposal to reduce, others opposed such a large decrease.

They received six submissions about the number of councillors in response to their consultation on their draft recommendations. The majority of the submissions were supportive of a reduction in the size of the Council from 52 members to 43 members.

What we did

The LGBCE noted the opposition to the reduction in council size but did not consider that there were specific alternatives that were proposed that would be better and therefore considered that a reduction of around 10 was still desirable.

However, during the development of their draft recommendations, they could not identify a warding pattern for 42 councillors that had good electoral equality and which would reflect the community evidence they had received across the authority. They therefore based their draft recommendations on a 43-member council. This approach is consistent with their guidance, which states that the council size may be increased/decreased by one or two members to ensure better boundaries or the better reflection of community identity. 

The final recommendations and interactive map were published on 16 January 2018.

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