West Berkshire Council

Commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day 27 January 2017

West Berkshire Council will commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) at 11am on Friday 27 January at their Market Street offices, Newbury.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

Issued on: 6 January 2017

This year, Councillor Quentin Webb, Chairman of Council, will lead a short ceremony reflecting the national theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 - 'How can life go on?' which considers how holocaust survivors can live with absence.

The aftermath of the Holocaust and of subsequent genocides continues to raise challenging questions for individuals, communities and nations. HMD 2017 asks audiences to think about what happens after genocide and of our own responsibilities in the wake of such a crime. The theme is broad and open ended, there are few known answers.

Author and survivor of the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel said: "For the survivor death is not the problem. Death was an everyday occurrence. We learned to live with Death. The problem is to adjust to life, to living. You must teach us about living."

Councillor Quentin Webb, Chairman of West Berkshire Council said: "This is a day for everyone to pause to remember the millions of people killed, or whose lives have been changed beyond recognition in the Holocaust and subsequent, more recent genocides. This year's theme asks us to pause a moment longer to consider the impact that these dreadful crimes have on those that are left behind."

Everyone is invited to attend this event, starting at 11 am at the front of Market Street Council Offices, Newbury.