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Consultation begins on changes to housing site plan

A consultation has begun on changes to the Housing Site Allocation Plan

Street of Houses

A consultation has begun on some proposed changes to West Berkshire Council's plan outlining where homes in the district will be built in future.

Last year West Berkshire Council consulted on and subsequently approved a document, known as a Housing Site Allocation Plan, to help deliver the housing needed in the coming years. The plan sets out the preferred sites for development and prevents developers trying to build houses in the wrong locations and without any infrastructure.

Since being approved by the council, the Housing Site Allocation Plan has been examined by an Independent Planning Inspector. He has recommended that a further consultation be carried out on 56 specific changes and this was agreed at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 8 December.

Councillor Hilary Cole, West Berkshire Coucnil's Executive Member for Planning, said "This is great news for the residents of West Berkshire as the Inspector has listened to what the council has said during the examination and the responses it has provided as 'homework' and has not added additional sites to the Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document nor has he removed any sites from the document.

"West Berkshire Council is determined to be a planning-led authority and not allow developers to bully communities into building houses in the wrong locations and without any infrastructure. By having this document we can demonstrate that we have a vision for providing much-needed new housing and a plan for delivering it."

The consultation begins on Monday 12 December and runs until 5pm on Monday 30 January, and you can have your say on the consultation through our Consultation Portal.

Next Steps

Following the consultation the council will collate and forward all comments on to the Planning Inspector who will then consider all the submissions before writing his final report.

The Inspector will then submit his final report to the council, either finding the Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document sound, meaning it can be adopted by the council, or in the worst case (for the council), finds that the plan is unsound and cannot be adopted.