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Flood forum helps communities prepare for winter

Drop-in event for residents wanting to learn more about preventing flooding.

Pang Valley Flood Forum - Community Day

Communities across West Berkshire came together earlier this month to learn more about how prepare for flooding.

The Pang Valley Flood Forum held the drop-in event for local residents who wanted to find out more about flooding and the steps they could take to make sure they are prepared. At the event were a host of agencies who could offer flood prevention advice, explain what flood prevention initiatives had been implemented in the area and what insurance or property protection products are available.

Around 50 people attended the event - including Richard Benyon MP - and it has led to interest from other community groups in setting up their own flood forums and in residents purchasing equipment to help protect their homes in a flood.

Speaking about the event Kay Lacey, Chair of the Pang Valley Flood Forum, said: "Flooding is an issue which many people are concerned about so we put this event on to give them a chance to find out more about the products available to them and flood risk protection measures in general. I'm pleased that so many people dropped in to have a look at what was on show and to pick up some useful information. An additional positive result from the Flood Fair is that potential new flood forums will be set up by other communities keen to protect themselves from flooding."

You can follow Kay on Twitter to find out more about her work for the flood forum.

West Berkshire Council, a member of the Pang Valley Flood Forum, attended the event to talk to people about community resilience. Speaking about the event Councillor Marcus Franks, Executive Member for Community Resilience and Partnerships said: "As the wet weather sets in it's important that communities know how to reduce the risk of flooding where they live and the steps they need to take to protect their home if it does occur. These communities are stronger if they work together to prevent and prepare for flooding and other emergencies. The Pang Valley Flood Forum is an excellent example of not just one community but several communities working together to support themselves.  This event organised by them is to be commended."

For more information about how to prevent flooding and the steps that can be taken to protect homes visit:

A full list of organisations which attended the event are:

  • Pang Valley Flood Forum
  • West Berkshire Council
  • Environment Agency
  • FloodRe (Government and insurance industry initiative to make insurance available and affordable to homes affected by flooding)
  • Floodkit - effective, affordable easy to use property level protection
  • Floodgate - door protection - ideal for listed buildings etc where no permanent visible structure preferred
  • The Flood Advisory Service
  • Aquobex - a local Theale based company - independent flood management solutions for Business, homes, communities and infrastructure
  • UK Flood Barriers
  • Floodsax - modern lightweight alternative to sandbags
    Environment Agency
  • HLS - Hydro-Logic Services - a Mortimer based company, consultants in water, flood and environmental measurement, analysis and management
  • Pangbourne Flood Group