West Berkshire Council

The West Berkshire Historic Environment Action Plan

A Historic Environment Action Plan (HEAP) has been drawn up for all those interested in the man-made heritage of West Berkshire.

There are many facets to West Berkshire's historic environment: some are relatively recent such as this old score board at the former baseball diamond at Greenham Common.

West Berkshire is fortunate in having a rich and varied historic environment, which survives as physical reminders of the processes and events that have created the world we see around us. It can be seen in the everyday and in the extraordinary, in the towns and villages and in the countryside, in ancient remains and modern buildings.

The West Berkshire Heritage Forum, an alliance that aims to encourage partnership working to protect and promote the district's heritage, recognises that it is important that a shared vision is developed. It has therefore adopted a plan that seeks to highlight what is special and important about the local historic environment, to examine what the key challenges are, to explore what opportunities might exist in the coming years and to establish what the priorities for action should be. The HEAP is for all those interested in the historic environment of West Berkshire.

The plan can be downloaded here: pdf icon The West Berkshire HEAP [4Mb].

For further information, please contact the West Berkshire Council archaeology service.