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Start date: 2014-07-25
End date: 2014-09-12
Results: 2015-12-31

Housing Site Allocations Preferred Options Development Plan Document

Future housing sites

Consultation on the Preferred Options version of our Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document has now closed. All comments have been reviewed and taken into account in drafting the Proposed Submission DPD. Consultation on the [ARCHIVED] Proposed Submission Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document runs from 9 November until 24 December 2015.

The Preferred Options DPD sets out the preferred housing sites, sites for Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeoples as well as policies on residential parking standards, an update to the Sandleford Park policy from the Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) and criteria for reviewing settlement boundaries.

We are asking for your comments on the soundness of the proposals within the DPD. To be sound the Housing Site Allocations DPD should be:

  • Positively prepared - the plan should seek to meet the housing requirement for the District based on the policies set out in the adopted Core Strategy;
  • Justified - the plan should be the most appropriate strategy, when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence;
  • Effective - the plan should be deliverable over its period and based on effective working on cross-boundary strategic priorities;
  • Consistent with national policy - the plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies of the NPPF.

Hard copies of the Preferred Options DPD and background paper are available to view at all Libraries across the district as well as at the Market Street Council Offices.

What Happens Next?
Your comments will be published on our Consultation Portal and taken into account in the preparation of the Draft Submission document which will be subject to further consultation before submission to the Secretary of State.

Consultation Documents

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Supporting Documents

What you told us

All comments have been taken into account and a summary can be found in the Statement of Consultation for the Proposed Submission DPD. Comments can also be viewed on the Local Plan Consultation Portal

What we did

All comments have been taken into account in the preparation of the Proposed Submission Housing Site Allocations DPD. Consultation on the Proposed Submission DPD will take place between 9 November and 21 December 2015.

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