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Housing Site Allocations DPD Examination

Information and updates about the examination of the Housing Site Allocations DPD


The Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) was adopted at a Full Council meeting on Tuesday 9 May 2017.  The adopted version is available on the Housing Site Allocations DPD webpage.

You can view the Inspector's report as follows:


This page contains information about the Examination by an independent Planning Inspector into the legality and 'soundness' of the council's Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD). The Examination began with the submission of the DPD in April 2016 and the public hearings took place in June and July last year.   The publication of the Inspector's report marks the end of the Examination.

The most recently published information about the Examination is towards the top of the page - please scroll down to see what happened in the earlier stages. Links to the Planning Inspectorate website and further information about the Examination process are set out at the bottom of the page.

The pdf icon Housing Site Allocations DPD [15Mb] (with track changes Dec 2016) gives details of the sites allocated by the DPD and the changes proposed by the council.  The changes to the submitted DPD which the Inspector approved are set out in the Main Modifications Appendix to the Inspector's report (see above).    The council could make further minor changes prior to publication and adoption of the final version of the DPD, if necessary.

You can see a pdf icon list of all the documents [497kb]submitted during the Examination, these are also available to view in the Examination Library.

Please refer to the council's Local Plan page for further information on the Local Plan process and how the DPD fits into the overall development plan for West Berkshire.

Main Modifications to the DPD

The council consulted on the pdf icon Proposed Main Modifications [11Mb] and the accompanying pdf icon updated Sustainability Appraisal Report for Main Mods [11Mb] and pdf icon Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report Addendum [290kb] (where they relate to the proposed Main Modifications) between 12 December 2016 and 30 January 2017.

The council also published a pdf icon Schedule of Proposed Minor Changes [1Mb] to correct minor errors and to provide clarification in interpreting the policies of the DPD.  This was not subject to public consultation and was published for information only.

Representations made during the public consultations on the submitted DPD and the proposed Main Modifications can be viewed via the council's Local Plan Consultation Portal.

At the end of February, the council submitted a pdf icon response to representations made on Main Modifications [1Mb] during the public consultation and a pdf icon addendum to the schedule of minor modifications [34kb]. These were considered by the Inspector in reaching his conclusions.  

Homework Submissions and Inspector Queries

The council submitted all of the outstanding pdf icon Additional Work (Homework) [122kb] set by the Inspector during the public hearings and the documents may be viewed in the Examination Library under Post Submission Hearing Documents (reference PS/04/05). Those who participated in the relevant public hearing sessions were invited to submit comments on the council's homework, and these have also been published in the Examination Library (reference PS/05/01 onwards). The Inspector published pdf icon Note 3 dated 10 October [62kb] seeking clarification on some of the additional work. The council published a pdf icon response to Inspector's initial queries on additional work dated 13 Sept [64kb] and a pdf icon response to participants' comments and Inspector's Note 3 [57kb]

Public Hearings Ended

The Public Hearings began on Tuesday 21 June and ended on Thursday 14 July 2016.  Documents submitted during the public hearings have been added to the Examination Library under Post Submission Hearing Documents (reference PS/04). 

The final agenda for the 21 sessions which took place over a period of three weeks are set out below.

Published Documents

The council issued the pdf icon Progress Note on Allocated Sites [361kb] and the pdf icon Progress Note on Unallocated (Omission) Sites [378kb] to show the planning position as at 5 October.

The Inspector published a pdf icon Note (2) [70kb] setting out his concerns about the DPD allocations for Kintbury and Hungerford in July.   The council's response to this note has been published as homework (see above).

The Inspector published a pdf icon Note (1) on the AONB [62kb] setting out his position on the AONB following the hearing on Issue 2: Spatial Strategy.  The pdf icon council's response to Note (1) AONB [175kb] was published on 4 July. The council also published pdf icon Homework Item 10 relating to Distribution in the AONB [19kb].   Participants' written comments on these documents are available to view in the Examination Library  under Post Submission Hearing Documents (reference PS/05/22). 

Some 80 further written statements were submitted by respondents by the deadline of 23 May 2016.  The council's statements for all 22 Issues are also available, together with Statements of Common Ground for some sites in Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, Woolhampton, Theale and Burghfield Common - all of these documents are listed under the relevant Issue alongside the further written statements.

Guidance Note and Issues and Questions

The Inspector published his pdf icon guidance note [237kb] and list of pdf icon issues and questions [313kb] to be addressed, which included a draft timetable for the public hearings and a list of invited participants for each session. The final timetable and list of participants were set out in the agenda published under the 'Public Hearings' section on this page.

Examination Library

All the Examination documents can be viewed online in the Examination Library or in hard copy at the Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury during office hours.  All documents submitted to the Inspector after submission will be added to the Examination Library in due course by the Programme Officer.

You can view the representations on the Proposed Submission Draft online.

Procedural Meeting

The Inspector met the Programme Officer and council officers to discuss procedural and administrative matters on 19 April 2016. A pdf icon Note of the Meeting [18kb] has been added to the Examination Library.  The council provided the Inspector with a set of  pdf icon Maps of Allocations [11Mb] at his request, which have been added to the Examinations Library.


The Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) was submitted to the Secretary of State on 6 April 2016. The submission included a variety of supporting documents and representations received during the public consultation on the Proposed Submission Draft which took place in November and December 2015.    


Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire Council's Programme Officer for the Housing Site Allocations DPD Examination

07767 335047