West Berkshire Council

Additional Green Waste Service

Our chargeable extra garden waste collection service

If you find you often have extra garden waste that won't fit in your existing green bin, and you're unable to compost, you can pay an annual fee to subscribe to our additional green waste collection service.

Please note that this is a chargeable service - to join you will need to pay an annual subscription fee. When we receive your payment, we'll deliver one additional green bin for you to collect your garden waste and collect it along with your existing one - just leave both bins out in the usual way on your collection day.


You can apply for an additional green waste bin online.

How much does it cost?

The current service year runs from 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018,

If you subscribe in the first half of the service year (before 31 October 2017), you pay the full fee of £67 - this includes a £27 charge for the bin (a one-off fee) and £40 for the service itself.

For subscribers who join in the second half of the service year (after 1 November 2017), the rate is reduced to £47 - that's £27 for the bin, and £20 for the service.

You can now renew your existing subscription online -  if you're renewing, you only need to pay £40 (the cost of the service - you'll already have the extra bin).


Who can apply?

Anyone living in a domestic property can apply for a subscription.

Waste generated by village halls and churches are subject to definitions described in The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012
We can provide this service to places of worship and halls that are used wholly or mainly for public meetings and that generate household waste, as defined in the regulations. 

Who can't apply?

This service is not intended for use by clubs, societies or any 'associations in which activities are conducted for the benefit of their members' (for instance sports pavilions or social clubs).  These premises should seek a commercial waste service instead.

Any green waste produced by a commercial company or their actions is also not covered by this service.  This is defined as Commercial Waste and should be disposed of accordingly.

The way that this service is provided may be reviewed if there are changes to relevant waste regulations and legislation.

Why isn't this service free?

Under current regulations, garden waste is identified as waste for which a collection charge may be made.  
Many local authorities do charge for the collection of green waste, but here in West Berkshire we're still providing one free green waste bin to households in our district.
This service is in addition to this free collection service and is intended for those properties which have larger gardens or create a lot of garden waste that they are unable to compost at home.