West Berkshire Council

Building Communities Together

Building Communities Together is an initiative to help people in West Berkshire help each other. It aims to make our communities stronger, and less reliant on council services whilst still getting the things they need to thrive. This is part of our overall council strategy, which aims to "support communities to do more for themselves".

The initiative has five key priorities:

  1. To improve emotional health and wellbeing

  2. To make sure that anyone experiencing abuse or violence, or struggling with substance or alcohol abuse, knows who to talk to in order to get help, and reduce the likelihood of it happening again

  3. Make it easier for adults to find training places, and then find a job

  4. Help our children and young people succeed at school, encourage better attendance and fewer exclusions

  5. Protect and safeguard children and adults

You can read more about how we're achieving our goals on the pages below.

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Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's Building Communities Together Team

01635 503019