West Berkshire Council

Budget Proposals for 2017/18

Finding £8million over the next financial year

2017/18 Budget Proposal consultations are now closed.

All your feedback will be considered and a final decision will be made at the Full Council Meeting on 2 March 2017, which will be published on our Consultation Portal.


Over the last five years, we've had to find savings of £41m. Since 2012/13, the government has given us less money by reducing the Revenue Support Grant by £30m, whilst over the same period we have seen increased demand for our services, so we've had to do more for less money.

Despite having to make unprecedented levels of savings, we've done our very best to keep our services running. We've done this by becoming more efficient at what we do, reducing back office support and increasing our income. We've also reduced our workforce by 10.6%. Unfortunately, to find this level of savings, we've also had to reduce or stop some services.

For 2017/18, we estimate that our budget will be £117m. To achieve a balanced budget (a legal requirement for local authorities) we'll have to find £8m next year. This figure could consist of savings, increases in our income or a mixture of both. We've identified just under £1m of savings and potential income, which will come from services that might directly impact on you. You can see a full list of proposals below. The remaining amount will be found through internal restructures and a potential increase in Council Tax. 

We estimate a further £14m will need to be found for the following two years.  This means a total of £22m will need to be identified over the next three years.

We've tough decisions to make, and we want and need to make them in the fairest way possible. This means giving everyone a chance to have a say on our budget proposals. We need to understand how they will affect people and communities and the best way for us to find this out is by asking you. We'd also like to know if you have any other suggestions for how we might be able to save money or increase our income.

You can respond as an individual, as someone who uses the services affected, or on behalf of a group or organisation. 

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Highway and Drainage Maintenance

Highway Fees and Charges, including Parking

Home to School Transport for Post 16 Special Educational Needs and Disabilties

Restructure of the Youth Support, Family Resource, Help for Families and Young Carers Services

Road Safety

Urban Grass Cutting


All your feedback will be considered and a final decision will be made, by your councillors, at the Full Council Meeting on 2 March 2017 and will be published on these pages following this meeting.

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