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Demolition begins following sports ground fire

Demolition of unsafe building starts following fire at Faraday Road sports pitch.

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Issued on: 25th August, 2021

West Berkshire Council has instructed the commencement of demolition works at the former Newbury Football Club following a fire at the site on 13th August. The works will begin on 25th August and are forecast to last three days.

The work is being undertaken by local contractors following an assessment by Building Control which deemed the remaining structures to be a risk to public safety in their current state. Undertaking the work at this time also represents the most cost effective course of action for taxpayers given the additional costs of securing a hazardous site.

West Berkshire Council will continue with its plans to seek planning permission to make the former football ground available to the community for recreational use and this application will be heard by the District Planning Committee on 8th September.

Commenting on the demolition, West Berkshire Council's Leader, Councillor Lynne Doherty, said:

"The fire at the former football ground was regrettable and we have worked closely with the relevant authorities since the incident, including in bringing forward the demolition of the former clubhouse on urgent public safety grounds.

"In its current state the site presents a risk to the public and we have acted quickly to prevent further access to the site and to demolish the remaining buildings on the professional advice of Building Control and where the Health and Safety Executive have advised we must be guided by Building Control.

"We remain committed to bringing the site forward as part of an exciting new development on the London Road Industrial Estate and in the meantime will proceed with the live planning application on the former football ground, which will see it opened up as green space for use by local residents."