West Berkshire Council

Start date: 2018-02-08
End date: 2018-03-01
Results: 2018-03-19

A339 Newtown Road/Greenham: No Right Turn Order

Statutory consultation on a traffic order to prevent right turns on the A339

This consultation is closed.

The section of the A339 in question is between the Pinchington Lane/Monks Lane roundabout and the B4640 Swan roundabout. This road is a single carriageway with two lanes running north and one south, the opposing lanes are separated by a double white line system throughout the length, the road is subject to a 50mph speed limit. This Order is necessary to prevent vehicles turning right across oncoming traffic and stopping in fast moving traffic to do so. The Order is necessary now because of a development already being built (Sandleford Farm) where this manoeuvre has been seen and is potentially dangerous. There is also the likelihood of further developments.

There is already a similar order in place covering St Gabriels School which will be revoked and incorporated in the new Order. The effect on motorists is that they will have to travel to the roundabout at either end of the section and turn round there. U-turns are already prevented by the white line system.

For further information please contact the Traffic and Road Safety Team.


What you told us

No objections were received, the only comment was one of support.

What we did

The Order will now be made as consulted, date to be confirmed.

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