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Start date: 2018-01-18
End date: 2018-02-08
Results: 2018-04-01

Parking Review Amendment 27 - Ref 005749MS

Statutory advertisement of Traffic Regulation Order

This consultation is closed.

We are currently considering introducing on-street parking charges on The Broadway and High Street in Thatcham Town Centre. If introduced, the charges would apply from Monday to Saturday, including bank holidays, between 8am and 6pm. Charges would not apply to the central parking area of The Broadway on a Friday when the market takes place. Parking would be free at all other times.

The current maximum one hour waiting period would be retained, but it is proposed that there would be a £1 charge for that one hour stay. To help mitigate the impact on local traders who rely on passing trade, it is proposed to allow free parking for the first 30 minutes. Charging for on-street parking and limiting the periods of parking would encourage a turnover of available parking spaces, which could assist local traders. It is proposed that the payment method would be by phone only. Visitors wishing to park in Thatcham Town Centre and pay by cash, could continue to use the Kingsland Centre car park.

This proposal is the result of severe financial pressures and will enable additional income generated to be used to continue to help us continue to provide convenient and safe movement of traffic and provide suitable and adequate parking facilities on and off the public highway. It will mean that we can continue to provide a broad range of functions including traffic schemes, pedestrian crossings, speed limit and civil enforcement as well as different types of parking facilities.

Before amendments to the existing parking Consolidation Order can be brought into force, a public consultation must take place. If objections are received they will be investigated and presented in a report to the Executive Member for Highways, to consider what action to take under Individual Member Executive Decisions and whether to proceed with the proposal as advertised.

The pdf icon Street Notice and Draft Order [374kb] are available for viewing along with the plans listed below which show the tariff that would apply:

What you told us

A total of 38 responses have been received, including comments from Thatcham Town Council and Thatcham Chamber of Commerce, who responded on behalf of 33 local traders opposed to the scheme.

What we did

Having listened to the views of Thatcham Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce and the public, and in the light of the recent sale of the Kingsland Shopping Centre, we have decided not to go ahead with a proposal to introduce on-street parking charges on The Broadway and High Street in Thatcham Town Centre for now.

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