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Start date: 2017-12-04
End date: 2018-01-31
Results: 2018-03-30

Admission Arrangements 2019/20 for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

We are seeking your views on proposed changes to admission arrangements for West Berkshire schools for 2019/20

Local Authorities have a statutory responsibility to determine admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools in their area by 28 February each year. In doing this, Local Authorities must comply with the requirements of the School Admissions Code and all relevant legislation. Where changes to the admission arrangements are proposed, consultation must take place between 1 October and 31 January.

The proposed admission arrangements for 2019/20 remain largely the same as last years, with the exception of substituting the appropriate dates for 2019/20.

We propose the following changes to our pdf icon admissions arrangements for 2019/20: [8Mb]

1. Add a feeder school admission criteria (Category C) in relation to infant and junior school applications to support consistency in children's schooling:

Feeder Infant Schools. Children who attend the infant school that links to the junior school as detailed below:

  • Calcot Junior School - The Feeder School is Calcot Infant School.
  • Garland Junior School - The Feeder School is Mrs Blands Infant School.
  • John Rankin Junior School - The Feeder School is John Rankin Infant School.
  • Parsons Down Junior School - The Feeder School is Parsons Down Infant School.
  • Westwood Farm Junior School - The Feeder School is Westwood Farm Infant School

2. For reception applications only, add a new tie breaker for each admission criteria. 

The School Admissions Code explains that Admission authorities may give priority in their oversubscription criteria to children eligible for the early year's pupil premium who are in a nursery class which is part of the school. We intend to include this as a tie breaker for each school to support the continuity of education for low income families:

A child entitled to the Early Years Pupil Premium Grant (during the application period, 12 September to 15 January) who attends the nursery school that is linked to the school.
Parent's must have applied to the West Berkshire Council Early Years Team for the early years pupil premium grant and been entitled between 12 September and 15 January for consideration with their on-time school application. Parents must indicate within their reasons for applying for a school place that they are entitled to the Early Years Pupil Premium Grant and this will be verified by the school admissions team.
Where parents apply for and are entitled to the Early Years Pupil premium Grant after 15 January and while their child still attends the nursery that is linked to the school, this will be taken into account after the national offer date (16 April).

This applies to the following schools that have a nursery on site that is managed by the school:

  • Calcot Infant School
  • John Rankin Infant School
  • Mrs Blands Infant School
  • Pangbourne Primary School
  • Purley Primary School
  • Robert Sandilands Primary School
  • Springfield Primary School
  • Spurcroft Primary School
  • Thatcham Park Primary School
  • The Willows Primary School
  • The Winchcombe Primary School
  • Theale Primary School
  • Westwood Farm Primary School

3. To increase The Willink School's Admission number from 180 to 195. The admission authority is only required to consult with the school when increasing the admission number so this change is not open to full public consultation.

4. To decrease Parsons Down Infant School's admission number from 90 to 60.

5. To decrease Parsons Down Junior School's admission number from 90 to 60.

(NB: With regard to 4 and 5. Pupil numbers in Thatcham are forecast to decline and in order for schools to be financially viable it is necessary to decrease admission numbers.)

Who To Contact

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