West Berkshire Council

Start date: 2017-08-28
End date: 2017-09-22
Results: 2017-12-22

Public Path Order: to divert parts of Burghfield public footpaths 24 and 15

Proposals to divert part of the public footpath running south west on the towpath at Garston Lock, Burghfield, part of the public footpath to the east of the Holy Brook, Burghfield and part of the public footpath on the south banks of the canal

You can view the pdf icon Notices, Orders and Order Plans [3Mb] for these three Public Path Orders, which include the:

  • Diversion Order for part of public footpath Burghfield 24

  • Diversion Order for part of public footpath Burghfield 15 (east part of the Holy Brook)

  • Diversion Order for part of public footpath Burghfield 15 (south bank of the canal)

The diversions re-align the legally recorded route with what people have been walking for many years. When the original footbridge was replaced in 1987, the new bridge was built 16 metres to the east of the original. This altered the route that people had to walk to approach the bridge on either side, shifting the connecting routes. During surveys it was noted that the original riverside route had also shifted quite significantly. For example, the original public footpath is recorded north of the old World War II pill box by Garston lock, but the walked path is to the south; the original line has been impassable for many years. As a result of this, the towpath has been included in the diversion order, to realign it with the route walked nowadays.

You can send your comments or objections to this proposal to the Definitive Map Officer no later than 22 September 2017 stating the grounds on which the objections are made. You can see further details of how to comment or object in the above Notices.

Please contact the Definitive Map Officer with any queries or requests for further information.

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