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Start date: 2017-08-03
End date: 2017-08-24
Results: 2017-09-06

[ARCHIVED] Speed Limit Review - Hamstead Marshall 30mph and 40mph: REF 005355MS

Statutory notice of a Traffic Regulation Order

This consultation is now closed.

This Order is proposed to improve safety on the main road through the village of Hamstead Marshall.

In 2008 the 30mph speed limit was extended 500 metres to the west of the village centre as a result of local safety concerns, this meant it was in a mainly rural area and probably not thought to be appropriate by drivers who sped up before arriving at the village. Since the limit was extended residents in the vicinity of the junction, with the lane leading to Marsh Benham, have complained of an increase in minor accidents caused by vehicles travelling eastbound losing control on the approach to the junction.

Various remedial measures have been put in place including extra signing, lining and resurfacing; and these have all been unsuccessful. It is proposed to return the start of the 30mph limit to its original position (on the immediate approach to the junction) and change the remaining length to 40mph to act as a buffer.

The above measure was agreed by the council's Speed Limit Review Panel in October 2016.

A pdf icon plan showing the proposed changes [305kb] can be viewed online , together with the pdf icon Draft Order [57kb] and the pdf icon Order to be replaced [124kb]. Please note that the only change is the one explained above, the other measures in the draft order are carried over from the existing order.

For further information please contact the Traffic and Road Safety Team.


What you told us

No objections or comments were made on this proposal.

What we did

The speed limit will now be changed as advertised. The proposed implementation date is 15 October 2017.

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