West Berkshire Council

Time Shift

Our website isn't just for when other channels are unavailable

Website Users by Hour of the Day

"24 hour access to our information and services" is how we promoted our website in the past, and it's still true that our online information and services are available day and night, every day.

Things have moved on however, and whilst our website is still well used up until 10pm every weeknight, it sees the most use between 10am and 4pm on working days. In fact at weekends our website only gets half the use it does during the week.

We know this by using Google Analytics to tell us when people use our website.

This is partly because the online information and services we offer are so good that people want to use them, but more than that, it's the way people to expect to interact with a largely service based organisation these days.

We're pleased we can meet the needs of our users by offering better, cheaper services online, whenever they want to use them.