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Start date: 2015-11-03
End date: 2015-12-14
Results: 2016-03-03

[ARCHIVED] Budget Proposal 2016/17 - Phase One: Car Parks

Part of the range of West Berkshire Council's budget proposals for 2016/17, with supporting information and Equality Impact Assessments

If you haven't already seen our video explaining why these changes are being proposed, please visit our Budget Proposals 2016/17 webpage.


Parking charges at council car parks in Newbury have been pegged at the same level since 2012, and even longer at some car parks in Thatcham, Theale and Pangbourne. After a period of four years it is appropriate to review our parking charges with the aim of using additional income to enable further important traffic management work (defined as that needed to secure expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, and provision of suitable and adequate parking facilities on and off the public highway) to be undertaken whilst remaining competitive with other towns in the region.


We are proposing to implement the following tariff at our main Newbury car parks.


 New TariffCurrent Tariff
Up to 1 hour£1.30£1.00
Up to 2 hours£2.50£2.20
Up to 3 hours£3.70£3.40
Up to 4 hours£5.00£4.50
Up to 6 hours£7.00£6.50
Up to 8 hours£8.50no change
Over 8 hours£12.00no change


We are also proposing:

  • An increase in the evening charge (Mon to Sun) to £1.50 (currently £1)
  • No change to the current Sunday charge (8am to 6pm) of £1.50
  • A 35% increase in season ticket prices
  • An increase in Newbury resident and visitor parking permit charges to £30 per annum and £1 per day respectively
  • No increase to the current on-street charges in Newbury
  • A modest increase at car parks in Theale, Pangbourne and some in Thatcham

What do we think the impact will be?

We think the impact on residents and visitors will be minimal. Residents parking permits currently priced at £25 per year and residents visitor permits at 50p per day have remained at these prices since their introduction some 13 years ago. A review is therefore long overdue.  Overall we consider that these increases will still make the Newbury an attractive place to visit.

What else have we considered in arriving at our proposal?

We have considered the effect on town centre businesses and appreciate that Sundays are now busy trading days for shops. It is for this reason that we currently have no plans to increase the existing Sunday daytime parking charges.

This consultation is now closed.

What you told us

We received 25 responses to this consultation.

We have condensed all your comments into the 'Summary of Responses' and everything you said, word for word, is contained in 'Verbatim Responses'.

These can be found in 'Documents' below.

What we did

A recommendation on how to proceed with this proposal was made to the Executive Members on 11 February 2016.

This can also be found below in 'Overview and Recommendation'.

Following this, at the Full Council Meeting on 1 March 2016, all Members discussed this proposal as part of setting the Revenue Budget for 2016/17.

At the vote, the budget was agreed with the suggested amendments.

It was agreed to proceed with this proposal.

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