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Start date: 2015-11-03
End date: 2015-12-14
Results: 2016-03-03

[ARCHIVED] Budget Proposal 2016/17 - Phase One: Public Conveniences - Newbury

Part of the range of West Berkshire Council's budget proposals for 2016/17, with supporting information and Equality Impact Assessments

If you haven't already seen our video explaining why these changes are being proposed, please visit our Budget Proposals 2016/17 webpage.


There is no statutory duty requiring local councils to provide public conveniences. The council originally had seven public conveniences across the district. Of these, five have been transferred to the local parish and town councils or in the case of Aldermaston Wharf, transferred back to the Canal and Rivers Trust. The public conveniences at the Wharf and Pembroke Road in Newbury remain open and funded by this council.


We are proposing to save £70,000 by either, transferring the operation of the public conveniences located in Newbury at the Wharf and Pembroke Road to Newbury Town Council, or if that is not possible, closing them.

What do we think the impact will be?

If the town council take on the operation of the public conveniences there will be no impact. If we have to close the public conveniences the public will have to use the alternatives at the Kennet Centre and in Parkway. 

What else have we considered in arriving at our proposal?

Due to our financial position, it has not been possible to identify other appropriate sources of council funding to provide these facilities. We have been successful in other locations in transferring the public conveniences to the local parish and town councils. Discussions will take place with Newbury Town Council to ask if they value these facilities and, if so, whether they would be prepared to fund their future maintenance, or take ownership of them, so that they can remain open to the public.

This consultation is closed.

What you told us

We received 25 responses to this consultation.

We have condensed all your comments into the 'Summary of Responses' and everything you said, word for word, is contained in 'Verbatim Responses'.

These can be found in 'Documents' below.

What we did

A recommendation on how to proceed with this proposal was made to the Executive Members on 11 February 2016.

This can also be found below in 'Overview and Recommendation'.

Following this, at the Full Council Meeting on 1 March 2016, all Members discussed this proposal as part of setting the Revenue Budget for 2016/17.

At the vote, the budget was agreed with the suggested amendments.

It was agreed to proceed with this proposal.

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