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Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

Sustainability Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment of Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD)

Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment

A Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA), is required to accompany the Housing Site Allocations DPD by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). It makes sure that sustainability issues are considered during the preparation of the DPD.

The SA/SEA also includes details of the site selection process, with information on all the sites considered as part of the development of the DPD. Some of the site assessments within Appendices 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D and 10 were updated following the identification of Main Modifications during the examination process and therefore are listed twice below to highlight these changes.

Habitats Regulations Assessment

A Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) makes sure that the Housing Site Allocations DPD will not cause harm to internationally important nature conservation sites. The pdf icon Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) [4Mb] and its pdf icon addendum [290kb] (December 2016) accompanies the Housing Site Allocations DPD.

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