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Child Protection Conference in Action

Watch a fictional Child Protection Conference

These video clips follow a fictional Child Protection Conference held at our West Street House in Newbury. The parts are played by actors but the videos show you what a typical Child Protection Conference involves.

Whether you are a parent or a professional, these clips will give you real insight into how we work with families and what to expect at a Child Protection Conference.

Who's who

You can also download these descriptions as a handout; pdf icon Child Protection Conference in Action: Who's who? [196kb].

Image for child protection conference, Nan Shirley

Nan Shirley: Shirley is the mother of Mark and since Mark left the family home, Shirley has been helping Sarah and the children.

Image for child protection conference, Mum Sarah

Mum Sarah: Sarah is the mother of three children. She feels overwhelmed and experiences depression.

Image for child protection conference, Dad John

Dad John: John is father of Frankie and has been living with Sarah and the family for around a year.

Image for child protection conference, Son Frankie

Son Frankie: Frankie is six months old. He has not been putting on weight consistently.

Image for child protection conference, Dad Mark

Dad Mark: Mark is the father of Sonya and James. He left the family home two years ago and has a very busy job.

Image for child protection conference, Daughter Sonya

Daughter Sonya: Sonya is fifteen years old. She is doing well at school, apart from her attendance which has been very poor.

Image for child protection conference Son James

Son James: James is four years old. He has not yet started at school and his behaviour is becoming very difficult.

The background

Professionals involved with the family are concerned that Frankie is not getting enough stimulation and attention and that he is not putting on weight. Frankie's mum, Sarah, acknowledges that when she is depressed she doesn't respond to the children's needs. James's development is delayed. There are also concerns around the amount of caring that Sonya is doing for the younger children. This is affecting her school attendance.

You can watch all of the videos in sequence below, or watch each part separately by visiting our YouTube playlist.