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Comments and Compliments about Children's Social Care Services

Let us know your comments and compliments about the service you received

If you have received a good service and would like to tell us about it, please fill in our feedback form. We will make sure your comments and compliments are passed on to the right person and it will help us to keep improving how we work with children and young people in West Berkshire.

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Examples of customer feedback

Note from a child:

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Example Note

Email from a young person, 17, who was placed by us in supported lodgings after family breakdown. Since then she has identified a family friend to live with and following a successful assessment of the home, she moved in. When we closed the case, she wrote:

"Thanks for your e mail. Regarding our talk the other day, I've had a good long think this weekend, and I've decided that I feel prepared to have a go without the aid of Social Services. Also I do not feel that I need much more support, as what I have had from you and my referral social worker has left me in a very good position to support myself. For that I thank you. And thanks for your enquiry as well, as it assures me that I've got plenty of support around me should I need it. Thank you so much."

A letter from grandparents to the Head of Children's Services said:

"We have to write and commend your social worker on her outstanding work on behalf of our grandson. If all the social workers in your department are of the same calibre as her then we can only say how lucky West Berkshire is. We realise she must have a huge caseload. We can only think that if our grandson's case is typical of her everyday undertakings, she must burn the midnight oil to get everything done!! The amount of work she undertook, her ability to listen and advise has been second to none...Thank you to you all for your dedication and commitment to the children of West Berkshire. An especially big thank you on behalf of a little boy who looked forward to your visits as did we all, and whose faith in you has been repaid a thousand fold."