West Berkshire Council

Community Conversations

Many of the greatest ideas have come from people simply getting together over a cup of tea, so if you would like to talk about how you could make a difference to the community you are living and working in, holding a community engagement meeting and having a conversation could be literally right up your street.

They're going on all over West Berkshire and if you're part of a community group, thinking of setting up one or simply have knowledge or experience you would like to share with others, then you should join the conversation.

Contact your local town or parish council to see if there is already a community engagement meeting/conversation happening in your area.

They are free, informal meetings that will introduce the opportunities for Building Communities Together, using local issues and views as a springboard to get things started.

Holding a community engagement meeting is not hard, it can be as flexible and adaptable as you like. We have put together some doc icon community engagement meeting guidance [823kb] to start you off. 

We have also put together a doc icon problem solving guide for communities [23kb] that follows the OSARA (objective, scanning, analysis, response and assessment) model.