West Berkshire Council


Purley Community Forum - 21st January

Purley Residents Support Committee is a group of volunteer residents who want to contribute towards building a resilient community in Purley on Thames. This event is supported by the council, police and the parish council - representatives of all will be attending.

Be part of the discussion and see how you can be involved in the solutions on Monday 21st January from 6:45pm to 8pm, at Purley on Thames Primary School.

Speen, Shaw and Donnington Community Forum

Speen, Shaw and Donnington Community Forum is a voluntary group of local residents, working together with Thames Valley Police, local councils, housing associations and other local organisations. We give residents an opportunity to raise their concerns about our local area, and work as a team with all relevant stakeholders, to deliver improvements that benefit everyone.

Visit the Forum's website which lists all the meeting dates.

Thatcham Community Forum

Thatcham have arranged their community conversation forum meetings for 2019. They are held at St Mary's Church in Thatcham at 7:15pm. If you would like to be part of a community conversation and share your ideas and concerns on crime and anti-social behaviour. Go along and see how you can be involved in the solutions.