West Berkshire Council

Council Strategy and Performance

Our plan, goals and priorities, and the reporting of our progress

The pdf icon refreshed Council Strategy 2015-19 [8Mb] sets out our aims and how we're going to reach them.

The strategy explains how we will balance having less money to spend with providing better services where needed. It also highlights new duties and responsibilities placed on us by the government, and how we're planning to meet them.

The strategy focuses on six key priorities.  These priorities guide where and how we'll make improvements over the next four years. It also includes details about our core services, which are essential for the communities of West Berkshire.

You can see how well we are delivering against our priorities for improvement in the latest Key Accountable Measures report, as part of the Executive Committee agenda and how successful we were last year in our

Who To Contact

Managing statistics, performance metrics and co-ordinating and supporting consultations across West Berkshire Council

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