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School Attendance (and Exclusions)

Pupil exclusion, unauthorised absence and penalty notices

It's important for your child to have a good education behind them if they want opportunities in adult life.  Your child's chances of a successful future may be affected by not attending regularly.

School attendance

If your child is not attending school regularly, an Education Welfare Officer may visit or write to you.
Education Welfare Officers work with parents to address their child's attendance difficulties.

Authorised absences

Amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006  removed references to time away from school being allowed for family holidays and extended leave.  Previously, schools could grant up to ten school days' leave on a discretionary basis, but with effect from the 1 September 2013 this is no longer allowed.
Headteachers will now only be able to grant a leave of absence during term time in exceptional circumstances - taking your child out of school during term time without specific permission can lead to legal action, including fines.

If you'd like to discuss your child's attendance, get in touch with our Education Welfare Service.


Pupil exclusions can be permanent, for a fixed period of days or during a lunch time period. 

Guidance for headteachers on excluding pupils from school, and pupil referral units is provided by the Gov.uk website.
The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) can provide information on all types of exclusions.

Coram Children's Law Centre can also provide legal help and assistance with admissions and exclusion.
If you'd like to discuss an issue related to exclusions, contact our School Exclusions Team.

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's School Attendance Team

01635 519094
Contact details for West Berkshire's School Exclusions Team

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