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Sandleford Appeal Core Documents Library

This is the Core Documents Library. It is currently a work in progress and will continue being developed, updated and populated in the run-up to the Inquiry. This includes all relevant documents (Core Documents pre-fixed CD), pre-dating the opening of the Inquiry. All documents can also be found at the following link: http://planning.westberks.gov.uk/rpp/index.asp?caseref=20/01238/OUTMAJ  . Any documents listed below as 'to be uploaded' can be found using this link.

You can view the full Core Documents list here: pdf icon Full Core Documents List [440kb]

Any documents submitted during the Inquiry can be accessed on the Inquiry Documents Library page: Sandleford Appeal Inquiry Documents Library

CD1 - Planning Application Documents

CD2 - Consultation Responses

CD3 - Application Correspondence

CD4 - Application Decision

CD5 - Statements of Case

CD6 - Wheatcroft Documents

CD7 - S.106 Planning Obligation / Planning Conditions

CD8 - Policy/Guidance Documents

National Policy

Development Plan

Emerging Documents

Other Policy / Guidance Documents 

CD9 - Statement(s) of Common Ground

CD10 - Appellants' Evidence

CD11 - Council's Evidence 

CD12 - Rule 6 Parties' Evidence

CD13 - Relevant Planning History

The Appeal Site

Highwood Copse Primary School

Warren Road

CD14 - New Warren Farm 18/00828/OUTMAJ Outline Planning Application submitted by Donnington New Homes

CD15 - Legislation, Court Judgements, and Appeal Decisions

CD16 - Miscellaneous Documents (Appellant)

CD17 - Miscellaneous Documents (Council)

CD18 - Miscellaneous Documents (Rule 6 Parties)

CD19 - Other Documents

CD20 - Environmental Statement Main Text (Vol 1)

CD21 - Environmental Statement A3 Figures (Vol 2)

CD22 - Environmental Statement Appendices (Vol 3)