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Road Safety for Children and Schools

Encouraging schools to include road safety in their curriculum

Road Safety in Schools

Making decisions about how to travel are an essential part of education for life. Young children need to learn to recognise the hazards of the road environment. As they grow older they should be prepared for their independence as road users, which includes accepting responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others, looking after their health and considering the environmental impact of their travel decisions.

We have a range of resources that can help pupils acquire these skills, from instructor led training on public roads, to support for self help and curriculum work. This information can be found in the .

Further Road Safety information can found on the Think! Road Safety.

School Warning Signs

2008 was the first of a four year programme to introduce warning signs with flashing lights outside all schools in the district.

The signs give drivers a clear reminder they are approaching a school, and encourages them to take extra care. The signs are programmed to flash at the beginning and end of a school day when there will be a high number of children going to and from school. They are also programmed to not flash during the holidays.

Walking Bus

If your school does not have a pdf icon Walking Bus [1Mb], why not suggest that one is started?
We can help you and the school to start the wheels turning if you think there is support for this concept. For further information please see our pdf icon leaflet [1Mb]pdf icon information for volunteers [1Mb] and pdf icon frequently asked questions [1Mb] document.

Safer Steps

Of all the risks to your child's safety, traffic is by far the greatest. As your child progresses into Year 3 it's vitally important that they develop pedestrian skills and learn to recognise the hazards of the road as they prepare for their independence as road users. 

pdf icon The Safer Steps booklet [7Mb] aims to give parents and guardians the opportunity to pass on road safety knowledge which will help to keep them safe when walking to and from school, in their community or places they visit.

By working through the booklet with your child, the risk of them becoming a road casualty statistic will be reduced.

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