West Berkshire Council

Road Nuisances and Obstructions

Ensuring roads are clear and safe is the responsibility of West Berkshire Council as the Highway Authority

West Berkshire Council has powers under the Highways Act 1980 to serve notice to a business or person who commits the offence of obstructing the public highway.

Examples of obstructions we can act upon include

  • Overhanging branches, hedges
  • Bushes and plants
  • Scaffolding / hoardings
  • Builders' skips
  • Tables and chairs
  • Advertising boards and signs
  • Stones / boulders protecting the verge
  • Goods displayed for sale outside shops (not on private land)

Overhanging Vegetation

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain trees and hedges that grow within their property boundary.

Should a tree or hedge overhang the highway, please refer to our pdf icon policy and guidance [3Mb] for more information on action the property owners might need to take. 

Report a Nuisance or Obstruction

Should you be aware of any nuisance or obstruction on the highway, please  report it via our online service.