West Berkshire Council

Road Maintenance Programme

When and where we're performing scheduled maintenance on our roads

All road maintenance work scheduled to be carried out by West Berkshire Council is listed in our pdf icon Highway Improvement Programme [125kb].

If you have a question about roadworks that aren't listed in our programme, it's likely they're being carried out by another organisation (such as a utility company) - you can  check our interactive map of all current (and some future) roadworks in West Berkshire.  The map includes contact details for the companies carrying out the work - to view future scheduled work, adjust the drop down menu in the top right of the screen to the period you'd like to see.

You can also report a problem with a road online.

Access to your home or business

Sometimes the work we carry out might result in a road being closed. If this is the case, we'll make every effort to make sure those properties directly adjacent to the work being carried out still have access.  Unfortunately, inconvenience can't be completely avoided, but we aim to keep this to an absolute minimum.


When work is being carried out, it may be necessary for you to find somewhere else to park until we're finished.  We apologise for the inconvenience this might cause, but this is unfortunately impossible to avoid at times.

Waste and recycling collections

We'll work to make sure your collections will go ahead on your usual collection day, but we ask that your bins and recycling boxes are put out by 7am.  This is to allow for the times of the collections to be varied slightly to take into account the resurfacing work.

Working hours

Details of working hours can usually be found on our interactive map of roadworks in West Berkshire.

Letters to residents

Wherever possible, we send out letters in advance of any work we'll be carrying out.  However, if we need to make changes to the schedule at short notice, we're sometimes not able to do this in time.   

National Productivity Investment Fund

We have received an additional £833,000 towards highway improvements from the Department for Transport's (DfT) National Productivity Investment Fund. This will be spent on the following key highway and transport measures:

  • public transport infrastructure improvements in Newbury
  • improving the highway asset (road surface and drainage improvements);
  • walking and cycling improvements
  • reducing congestion on the A339 through Newbury

You can see more information in the Roads Funding Information Pack on Gov.uk.

DfT Challenge Fund Bid Tranche 2a - Maintaining Rural Connectivity using Lifecycle Planning

We have been successful in our bid for additional maintenance funding from the Department for Transport's Challenge Fund Tranche 2a. We submitted a bid for £5million for a range of surfacing and bridge improvements and have been awarded £3million.

The initial proposed scheme has been scaled down accordingly to include the resurfacing schemes on the pdf icon Approved Sites Plan [9Mb]. These schemes will be completed by the end of April 2018.