West Berkshire Council

Rent in Advance and Rent Deposits

Help with money required up-front to move into a rented property

We offer three options that help households with rent in advance and deposits in order to move into a private rented home. Each scheme has its own rules for deciding who is able to claim help and support, so whether you can apply for each scheme will depend upon your personal circumstances. 

Please contact us to discuss your situation first - we can then work out the most suitable option for you.

Discretionary Housing Payment

Depending on your personal circumstances it may be possible to offer you support through a Discresionary Housing Payment form to cover your rent advance and/or deposit. Please apply with the following form doc icon Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Application form [605kb] 

Rent Deposit Guarantee and Threshold Loan Scheme

To help people on a low income to move into a rented home in the private sector if they're homeless or threatened with homelessness, we are sometimes able to provide support via a Rent Deposit Guarantee and Threshold Loan Scheme. 

The Rent Deposit Guarantee is a written guarantee given to a landlord that if you damage the property beyond what is fair or reasonable, or you fail to pay the rent, we will refund the money up to the value of the deposit. We will then claim any money paid out at the end of the tenancy from you. This lets you move in without needing to provide a deposit yourself.

The Threshold Loan is a payment to the landlord for your first month's rent in advance. This will be a loan and as such you will sign an agreement to say that you will pay the loan back to West Berkshire Council in instalments. Your repayment plan will be worked out based on how much you earn and how much you need to spend. 

Any  property that you're looking to move into in the private sector would need to be affordable for your household in the longer term.

To find out if you may be eligible, please get in touch with the Housing Options Team.

We also offer leaflets with further information regarding the scheme for both pdf icon Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme - Information for Tenants [607kb] and pdf icon Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme - Information for Landlords [1Mb].

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