West Berkshire Council

Policies and Strategies

Our published policies, plans and strategies

Overarching vision for the district

Plans with our partner organisations

Council Strategy and financial planning

Strategies that support the delivery of our priorities and core business

Other policies and plans

  • the Gambling Licence Policy identifies what we will generally consider when looking at applications for a gambling license
  • the Licensing Policy sets out how we will determine applications made under the Licensing Act 2003
  • the Local Development Order for Greenham Business Park provides a streamlined planning process
  • the Local Plan sets the overall development plan for West Berkshire, setting out our local planning policies and is currently made up of a number of different documents
  • our Transport Policy helps us to work out the transport needs of the district, and sets out a framework as to how we'll meet them up to the year 2026
  • the Consultation Policy sets out our approach and commitment to consultation