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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find information about community support and our services during the coronavirus pandemic, on our information for residents pages, our information for businesses pages, and our community support hub page which has guidance to help coordinate community organisations.

See a summary of our Local Outbreak Control Plan and read our frequently asked questions. 

Strategies, Policies, and Plans

Our published strategies, policies, and plans

pdf icon Our strategies, plans and policies [26kb] shape the way we deliver and improve services.

Vision for the district

Corporate wide strategies, policies, and plans

  • Our Council Strategy 2019-2023 sets out our priorities, which are aligned to the West Berkshire Vision, and a realistic set of objectives that we will deliver for the people of West Berkshire, whilst living within our means.
  • Our Medium Term Financial Strategy is a rolling three year strategy which is built to ensure that the financial resources, both revenue and capital, are available to deliver the Council Strategy.
  • Our policies and procedures concerning financial crime (pdf icon fraud and corruption [462kb], pdf icon money laundering [384kb], and pdf icon bribery [243kb]) set out our commitment to protecting financial resources, creating and promoting an 'anti-fraud' culture including prevention, detection, reporting and recovery.
  • Our pdf icon Recovery Strategy [1Mb] sets out the priority areas we will focus on to help the community recover as quickly as possible from the effects of Covid-19. It structured around the three core elements of health, education and the local economy.
  • Our pdf icon Digital Strategy 2020-2023 [2Mb] sets out how we intend to embrace new technologies, to enhance working practices and use digital techniques to ensure we can operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Our pdf icon ICT Strategy [1Mb] shows how we will develop our IT systems and digital services.
  • Our pdf icon Workforce Strategy 2019-2023 [344kb] ties together various policies and activities that affect the workforce.
  • Our Equality Policy sets out our vision and commitment to equality of opportunity and respect for diversity.
  • Our Consultation Policy sets out our approach and commitment to consultation.

Service level strategies, policies, and plans

Categorised by the council strategy priorities and core business activities

Ensure our vulnerable children and adults achieve better outcomes

Support everyone to reach their full potential

  • Our Domestic Abuse Strategy details the targets and aims we've implemented to address domestic abuse and encourages effective action to support those experiencing, or affected by, domestic abuse.
  • Our pdf icon Health and Wellbeing Strategy [2Mb], which is developed with our partner organisations, shows how we aim to 'Add Life to Years and Years to Life' for all our residents.
  • Our School Improvement Strategy aims to ensure that all our schools are at least 'good' and all children make maximum progress, achieving their potential.

Support businesses to start develop and thrive in West Berkshire

  • Our draft Economic Development Strategy looks at how the council and its partners might meet the economic challenges we believe are likely to emerge in the coming years. The draft went out for consultation on 17 June 2020, and will be published in due course.
  • Our Economic Reports and Plans shows how existing strategies and plans will work together to promote both growth and economic wellbeing across the district over the coming five years.

Develop local infrastructure including housing to support and grow the local economy

  • Our Greenham Business Park Local Development Order provides a streamlined planning process.
  • Our Housing Strategy is our vision for housing services across West Berkshire for the next five years.
  • Our Local Plan, which sets out our local planning policies, is made up of a number of different documents, including for example, the Core Strategy Development Plan Document, the Housing Sites Allocations Development Plan Document and the West Berkshire District Local Plan.
  • Our pdf icon Playing Pitch Strategy [1Mb] is a strategic assessment that provides an up to date analysis of supply and demand for playing pitches (grass and artificial) in a local authority area
  • Our Tenancy Strategy guides Registered Providers (RP's) in developing tenancy policies for their own stock, as we are a non-stockholding authority.

Maintain a green district

Ensure sustainable services through innovation and partnerships

Other strategies, policies and plans

  • Our Complaints Policy and Procedures provide detailed guidance notes and explains our regulatory obligations.
  • Our Gambling Licence Policy identifies what we will generally consider when looking at applications for a gambling license
  • Our Licensing Policy sets out how we will determine applications made under the Licensing Act 2003
  • Our pdf icon Smoke Free Workplace Policy [46kb] seeks to guarantee the right of all employees and visitors to breath air free of tobacco smoke or vapour from e-cigarettes and to comply with smoke-free legislation.
  • Our pdf icon Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure (December 2019) [396kb] sets out how concerns  regarding fraud, misconduct or wrongdoing by employees, workers, Elected Members or volunteers of the Council, or by those providing services on behalf of the Council, is reported and dealt with.