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How to get involved with planning permission (Development Control)

Planning is concerned with where and what people can build. It also covers how land is used and how the environment is protected. Planning helps to make sure that what we develop is sustainable.

Who makes decisions about planning?

Planning Officers

The council gives the Head of Planning and Countryside responsibility to make decisions on most planning cases on their behalf. These might include applications you make for your property or business. 

Most straightforward matters are dealt with by officers. Where a decision is controversial or not straightforward, it may be considered by a Planning Committee instead.

Planning Committees

These are made up of elected Council Members

Planning decisions made at an Area Planning Committee often relate to applications that have provoked petitions or a specific number of objections, or developments involving council-owned land.

There are two local area Planning Committees who can make decisions about planning applications, the Eastern Area Planning Committee and the Western Area Planning Committee. There's also a District Planning Committee that considers referred applications from the Eastern or Western committee.

Planning Inspectors

Inspectors are employed by the government to deal with planning appeals.


How you can influence decisions

You can make a comment on a planning application using our online planning system (publicaccess). You can also email or send us a letter.

You can also:

You may find our information about how planning decisions are made useful, or there's more guidance available on objecting to, or supporting, a planning application.

Please note that comments made through other channels (including social media) aren't taken in account when planning decisions are considered. 

General enquiries

For general enquiries, contact the Duty Planning Officer.

You can also register on our Public Access system to receive alerts about new planning applications in areas you're interested in, or to track existing applications.

Portfolio Member for Planning

The portfolio member for Planning, Transport and Countryside is Councillor Richard Somner

Portfolio members are councillors who have a special responsibility for a specific area of council activity.

Planning committee meetings

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