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Outline Planning Permission and Reserved Matters

Advice about outline planning permission and reserved matters

'Outline planning permission' allows for a decision to be made on the general principles, or 'outline', of how a site is proposed to be developed.  
It's granted subject to conditions that need the subsequent approval of one or more 'reserved matters'.  Reserved matters are those aspects of a proposed development which an applicant can choose not to submit details of when making an outline planning application, (ie they can be 'reserved' for a  later determination/decision).

The Planning Practice Guidance website has answers to many of common questions, including:

What is an Outline Planning Application?

What are Reserved Matters?

Is there a time limit for making an application for approval of Reserved Matters?

What details need to be submitted with an Outline Planning application?

Can details of Reserved Matters be submitted with an Outline Planning application?

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