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  • This is the first such initiative in West Berkshire
    01:23pm - Yesterday
  • We want to help our residents to have a green Christmas and recycle even more
    01:05pm - 11 Dec 18
  • The new Bus Station for Newbury was officially opened this morning.
    01:40pm - 7 Dec 18
  • The winners of this year's Community Champion Awards have been announced.
    10:28am - 7 Dec 18
  • The Giving Tree will be back in the reception area of the Market Street Offices at West Berkshire Council, in Newbury, from the 3 December.
    02:47pm - 29 Nov 18
  • We'll be marking Small Business Saturday with a tour of some of the district's small businesses
    03:58pm - 28 Nov 18
  • Friends of Wash Common Library open community library on 1 December
    04:51pm - 22 Nov 18
  • West Berkshire Council has activated its Winter Service Plan to keep the District on the move and our network as safe as possible.
    10:32am - 1 Nov 18
  • Fraudulent money launderer took life savings from his victims
    12:31pm - 30 Oct 18
  • New plan could see football pitch at Northcroft Park
    01:42pm - 29 Oct 18
  • Get free support to stop smoking during October.
    02:55pm - 26 Sep 18
  • West Berkshire Council want to thank the 44,222 households in West Berkshire that have already responded to the Electoral Registration Forms.
    09:37am - 26 Sep 18
  • Last year, 13 of West Berkshire Council's car parks were awarded Park Mark Awards. We're pleased to announce, these have been retained this year.
    03:20pm - 25 Sep 18
  • West Berkshire Council launched its annual Community Champion Awards today (Monday 10 September).
    01:00pm - 10 Sep 18
  • Each year West Berkshire Council, is required by the government to collect information about its residents.
    01:27pm - 16 Aug 18
  • West Berkshire Libraries are calling for all 4 to 11 year olds to sign up to read six books this summer as part of Mischief Makers, Summer Reading Challenge 2018.
    12:09pm - 16 Aug 18
  • Brought together for the first time at West Berkshire Museum are 13 hoards from around West Berkshire.
    10:28am - 7 Feb 18
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    Yattendon 30mph and 40mph speed limit
    Proposal to introduce a 40mph buffer zone and village gateway features in Yattendon
    Start: 2018-12-06
    End: 2018-12-27
    Results: 2019-05-01
    Admission Arrangements 2020/21 for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools
    We are seeking your views on proposed changes to admission arrangements for West Berkshire schools for 2020/21
    Start: 2018-11-21
    End: 2019-01-31
    Results: 2019-03-30
    Local Plan Review to 2036
    We would like your views on our latest proposals
    Start: 2018-11-09
    End: 2018-12-21
    Results: 2019-07-31
    Draft Vision for West Berkshire 2036
    Have your say
    Start: 2018-09-17
    End: 2018-10-31
    Results: 2019-01-31
    Level Crossing Maintenance Order REF: 006150MS
    Statutory consultation on a Traffic Regulation Order
    Start: 2018-08-23
    End: 2018-09-13
    Results: 2018-10-13
    Draft Greenham Business Park Local Development Order (LDO)
    We'd like your views on our revised draft document
    Start: 2018-08-16
    End: 2018-09-13
    Results: 2018-12-06

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