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The Local Transport Plan (LTP), leading transport improvements across the district

The pdf icon Local Transport Plan [2Mb] (LTP) helps us to identify and prioritise the transport needs of the district, and sets out the framework as to how they will be met up to the year 2026. This includes walking, cycling, and travel by road and rail to destinations such as workplaces and schools.


The LTP is supported by a number of strategies, designed to help deliver the priorities within the plan. The strategies explain the policies within the LTP in much greater detail.

You view these strategies below:

Active Travel Strategy

The pdf icon Active Travel Strategy [3Mb] promotes walking, cycling, and equestrian activities within the district. This strategy helps us to encourage physical activity, reducing congestion on roads and improving the quality of the air within congested areas.

Smarter Choices Strategy

The pdf icon Smarter Choices Strategy [1Mb] encourages greater choice in travel options available to the public by promoting alternative methods of transport. It also highlights the benefits that new technologies can bring in reducing the need to travel in the first place.

Passenger Transport Strategy

The pdf icon Passenger Transport Strategy [692kb] helps us to enhance travel by bus, train, coach, taxi and private hire vehicles, and community transport. It also helps us to improve access to travel information and develop more ticketing options.

Road Safety Strategy

The pdf icon Road Safety Strategy [558kb] continues to help improve safety on our roads, further reducing injuries and fatalities to all road users.

Freight Strategy

The pdf icon Freight Strategy [1Mb], and supporting Freight Route Network (due Summer 2015), help us to manage the movement of freight in order to bring the greatest benefits to our communities. The strategy does this through the publication of a map detailing preferred routes for freight vehicles, minimising the impacts of noise, congestion, air quality, and damage to the roads.

Parking Strategy

The Parking Strategy (expected Autumn 2016) manages the demand for private vehicle parking by residents and visitors to West Berkshire. This includes on street parking as well as parking at car parks and coach parks.

Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP)

The pdf icon Highway Asset Management Plan [1004kb] (HAMP) contains detailed guidance on how we will maintain the highway network across our district, including roads, footpaths, bridges, and street lighting.

Network Management Plan

The pdf icon Network Management Plan [1Mb] details how we manage and make the best use of our roads. We aim to relieve congestion and ensure the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.


When developing the LTP, we needed to show we were compliant with certain requirements:

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