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School Crossing Patrollers

Arranging a crossing patroller for your child's route to school

If your community would like to arrange a School Crossing Patroller (sometimes called a "lollipop lady" or "lollipop man"), the first step is to submit a proposal to us. The proposal should explain:

  • Why the crossing is required, including a description of any hazards that make a School Crossing Patroller necessary, and explaining any traffic management measures that might already be in place

  • Who'll manage the service - this could be the school, the Parish Council, a voluntary group or an organisation or business, for example

  • How the crossing will be staffed

  • How the absence of a controller would be covered

  • How staff would be recruited, paid and managed

  • How the crossing will be paid for - a proposal must include details of funding in place to cover the cost of the service, including patroller salaries, management costs and replacement uniform (this could, for example, include sponsorship by a local business)

For advice, or to present a proposal, please get in touch with us.

What happens next?

When we receive a proposal, we'll review it and undertake a risk assessment of the proposed crossing point before we make a decision.

We'll then discuss your proposal with you. The outcome of our decision will depend on whether we feel that the arrangements you have outlined are appropriate and can be sustained into the future.

If we agree with your proposal, we'll commission the School Crossing Service for the location. 
This will involve a contract being drawn up and signed with the service provider that was identified in your proposal.  

We will:

  • provide a letter of appointment for the patroller named in the proposal
  • appoint School Crossing Patrollers to operate on behalf of West Berkshire Council
  • provide the uniform and sign ("lollipop") on an initial basis
  • provide induction and refresher training to patrollers

Legal Background

Getting your child to school safely is your legal responsibility as a parent. This doesn't change even if a School Crossing Patroller is appointed.

West Berkshire Council don't have to provide a School Crossing Patroller, but we want to support our communities where they feel one is needed near to the school their children attend.

Section 26 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 sets out how arrangements may be made for the patrolling of places where children cross roads.

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