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The Local Plan: Documents and Further Information

To find out more about the Local Plan, what it is and why we're reviewing it, please visit our new Local Plan pages.

On the pages below, you can find documents and further information about the Local Plan as well as mineral extraction and waste management:

The West Berkshire District Local Plan 1991-2006 (Saved Policies 2007)
Detailed policies and specific proposals guiding planning decisions
Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD)
Our overall planning strategy and policies to 2026
Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD)
Allocations for housing sites
West Berkshire Local Plan Review to 2037
Planning policies for development in West Berkshire to 2037
Development management, monitoring, enforcement and strategic policy making for Minerals and Waste development.
The Emerging Minerals and Waste Local Plan

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