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Start date: 2021-05-03
End date: 2021-05-31
Results: 2021-08-31

Lifelong Learning Survey

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What is Lifelong Learning?

Learning is not just restricted to young people in schools and colleges. Lifelong learning is about providing good quality learning opportunities for all ages to enable everyone to improve their lives, work, families and community. We are committed to supporting a wide range of learning opportunities aimed at adults in areas such as leisure, health and wellbeing, parenting, volunteering and community development, employment and qualifications. In addition to developing knowledge and skills learning widens social interaction and develops those important 'soft skills' such as confidence, resilience and self-belief and has been identified by Mind as one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Why do we want your views?

For a number of years we have worked with local organisations, schools, colleges, tutors and volunteers to deliver a diverse range of part-time courses and workshops that suit a range of interests. We would now like your views on the development of a universal lifelong learning service that addresses the changing needs of adults over 19 years and young people between 16-18 years, who are no longer in full-time education, and live, work or volunteer in West Berkshire.

The online survey was open until 5pm on Monday, 31 May 2021.

For everyone who completes the survey, there is a chance to enter a draw to win £200 of shopping vouchers. If you would like to enter the draw, please leave your email address when prompted at the end of the survey.

If you have any queries about this survey, please contact Alison.Prudden@westberks.gov.uk

What happens next?

Your feedback will contribute to the design of a West Berkshire lifelong learning universal curriculum that will be developed and delivered by council services, local education providers and members of the Community Learning Partnership.

What you told us

We received a total of 621 responses to the on-line survey. The survey hosted on the Consultation and Engagement Hub and was also distributed by members of the Community Learning Partnership, other Council services, local media and community groups.

Out of the 621 who responded, 89.7% were interested in courses to support their health and wellbeing, 59.8% in courses to develop employment and career opportunities, 35.5% in courses to support their family, and 67.8% in courses to support the local community. The survey also informed us that adults would prefer to travel up to 5 miles to attend a course, would be prepared to pay around £5 an hour and don’t mind if courses are on-line or face to face. You can view the full report online view the full report online

What we did

The survey results were distributed to all members of the West Berkshire Community Learning Partnership to support the planning and delivery of post 16 part-time education and training courses across the district. We are also using the results as one of a number of reference sources to update the Community Learning and Skills strategy and develop the Council’s lifelong learning offer to local residents.